Situated in the heart of Beverly Hills, La Peer Health Systems is a multimillion dollar outpatient surgery facility focused on delivering excellent patient care with state-of-the-art technologies. With over 50 doctors in sixteen specialties, La Peer is able to provide complete and comprehensive service to a wide variety of individuals, making us the premier outpatient surgery center in the United States.


At La Peer Health Systems, we are proud to offer concierge medicine service to our patients. With this service, La Peer is able to offer personalized, all-inclusive, and accurate care to our clients.

What is Concierge Medicine?

Though many people have heard of the term, not everybody knows what concierge medicine is. Known by many names (direct care, boutique medicine, retainer-based medicine, etc.), concierge medicine is a way to provide patients with the utmost care and support. At La Peer Health Systems, our concierge service is ideal for international and out-of-town patients. Our concierge medicine service provides patients with the following benefits:

  • Skype consultation with our doctors
  • Travel agent for flight arrangements and transportation coordinating
  • Translator services
  • Hotel accommodations and access to nearby recovery centers
  • Private nurses
  • Recommendations for tourism and site-seeing opportunities

With our VIP concierge medicine, we aim to make our patients’ stay at La Peer Health Systems as comfortable and as stress-free as possible.

What to Expect from La Peer’s Concierge Service

Not only do we want our patients’ stay at La Peer Health Systems to be satisfying and hassle-free, but we want their entire experience to be simple. For example, our Skype consultations allow patients to see and speak with their surgeon from the comfort of their own home. During this Skype consultation, our patients can ask their surgeon questions about their condition, treatment methods, or anything else they may be curious about. At La Peer, we believe that flying out-of-country just to have a consultation with a surgeon is not only a waste of time, but a waste of money as well.

The benefits of our concierge medicine service continue even after our patients have undergone surgery. La Peer’s concierge medicine service gives patients access to Beverly Hills’ best hotels and recovery centers. We even offer discounted hotel rates for select hotels! Recovery centers (such as Pearl Recovery Retreat) are a great option for patients eager to recover in a peaceful and serene environment. While at a recovery center, patients will have access to around-the-clock nursing care under the close supervision of their surgeons. And if any complications do arise, however uncommon that may be, patients will be able to return to La Peer Health Systems immediately to see a doctor or surgeon. For our international patients, La Peer will provide a travel agent to schedule flights in and out of the country. In addition to creating a patient’s flight schedule, these travel agents will also arrange for transportation to and from La Peer Health Systems itself!

Learn More About Our Concierge Service Today

The surgical process can be a trying and exhaustive experience. With the help of our concierge medicine service, La Peer’s goal is to remove the stress and anxiety that typically accompanies any surgical procedure. We want our patients to focus on their recovery and not worry about flight arrangements or hotel accommodations. If you are interested in La Peer Health System’s VIP concierge medicine service, please contact us today at 888.636.1890.

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