VIP-surgery-womanAt the VIP Surgery Center of Excellence we know how important it is for our patients to get the absolute best in surgical treatment. We also know what goes into offering the best treatment. Not only do we offer access to the top surgeons in the country across a broad variety of departments and specialties, we also provide safe, comfortable and exclusive services in our newly renovated, multi-million dollar facilities.

Call us today to learn more about VIP surgery at Los Angeles’ premier outpatient surgery center. You can reach us at 888.636.1890 or fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you right away.

What Is VIP Surgery?

Los Angeles and out-of-town patients alike often ask us what goes into VIP surgery. Our answer is that it’s everything you would expect and more. This includes access to world-renowned surgeons, cutting-edge surgical facilities and staff, and full-service concierge amenities.

VIP Surgery Doctors

Our surgeons at the VIP Surgery Center of Excellence are among the leading experts in their specialties. In addition to training at the top schools and hospitals, publishing original research, and traveling around the world to instruct other physicians in the latest techniques, our doctors are skilled in providing the best VIP surgery in Los Angeles. Our staff includes over 50 doctors across 16 specialties, including:

  • Knee Surgery
  • Joint Surgery
  • Spine Surgery
  • Gynecological Surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery

We treat a wide range of conditions from head to toe in an outpatient basis at our modern, cutting-edge facilities.

VIP Surgery Facilities

What makes a VIP surgery facility? The key to a great surgical facility is a combination of the latest medical technology and the highest level of commitment to patient comfort. Unlike a hospital where surgeries are often pushed back due to emergency patients, our outpatient facilities at the VIP Surgery Center of Excellence don’t take emergency patients. Not only does this drastically reduce the possibility of some potential surgical complications, but it also means your surgery is much more likely to start and finish right on time.

VIP Concierge Services

Because our commitment begins well before the operating room, we also offer a number of concierge services to patients coming in for VIP surgery. Los Angeles and out-of-town patients will both receive the option to do a Skype consult about their condition. VIP patients will also be provided access to the top recovery facilities in the Los Angeles area to recover after their procedure.

To learn more about the VIP concierge services, the doctors, or the facilities, contact the VIP Surgery Center of Excellence today. We look forward to making your VIP surgery in Los Angeles as smooth and comfortable as possible!