The VIP Surgery Center of Excellence, a division of La Peer Health Systems,  is home to some of America’s top doctors from the country’s top medical schools. Our outpatient facility boasts sixteen medical specialty departments, including the world-renowned Department of Spine Surgery. A sub-specialty of the Department of Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, the spine surgery department treats various issues and ailments affecting the spine. The main goal of our spine specialists is to “provide premier patient care alongside the most state-of-the-art treatments available for spine conditions and injuries.”

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Spine Surgery VIP Surgery Center of ExcellenceTreatments Offered by our Spine Specialists

When people think of spine specialists, they typically think of doctors operating on the spine of patients. While this is true, most people don’t realize that spine surgeons can also help patients who suffer from general back pain. Many adults suffer from some form of back pain at one point or another, and the condition can be caused by a variety of factors. Spine specialists can help identify and treat injuries to the back, relieving patients of chronic pain and discomfort.

Specific disorders which our spine specialists treat include the following:

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition that occurs when the normally open areas of the spine narrow, placing pressure on the spinal cord and the surrounding nerves. Spinal stenosis isn’t always sympotmatic, but when it is, it can cause spine pain, weakness, and even bladder control issues.

Artificial Disc Replacement

Sometimes, lower back pain is caused by injured discs on the spine. Spinal discs act as cushions and shock absorbers for the spine. Artificial disc replacement is a procedure which replaces a worn or damaged disc with an artificial replacement, restoring mobility and strength to the spine and lower back.

To read about more spinal procedures performed at La Peer Health Systems, please visit the Spine Surgery Center of Excellence.

VIP-Specialty-awards-media-imageLa Peer’s Spine Specialists

Every year, an estimated 650 orthopedic physicians complete residency training and go on to become spinal surgeons. Considering the large size of the country and the frequency of spinal injuries, this is a very small number. However, La Peer is proud to have fourteen orthopedic surgeons on staff. With such a large amount of physicians we are able to offer comprehensive and personal care to each of our patients. At La Peer, we believe that every patient deserves special attention.

At La Peer Health Systems, we know that one way to make patients happy is by making our employees happy. La Peer Health Systems was named one of the 100 Greatest Places to Work by Becker’s ASC Review, who choose companies based on wellness initiatives and overall work environment.

Spine Surgery VIP Surgery Center of ExcellenceSurgeries Provided by Our Spine Specialists

La Peer’s spinal surgeons are experts in performing a variety of spinal-related procedures. Though surgery is often considered a last resort, sometimes it’s necessary in order for a patient to feel healthy and comfortable again. If conservative treatment methods have no effect on a patient, our spinal specialists may try one of the following procedures.

  • Spine fusion: This procedure fuses two or more vertebrae in the spinal column. It’s useful for patients who experience issues with their vertebrae.
  • Laminectomy: Performed on patients suffering from spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis, a laminectomy aims to relieve spinal cord pressure.

The excellent spine specialists at La Peer Health Systems are also experts at performing a number of minimally invasive spinal surgeries. In addition to having minimized complications after surgery, minimally invasive spinal surgery results in less scarring, less body trauma, and a faster recovery period when compared to traditional spinal surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any risks to spinal surgery?

A: As with all surgeries, there are risks and possible complications that can occur after spinal surgery has been performed. However, our spinal specialists make every effort to reduce the risks and problems that may occur during spinal surgery. Unlike other doctors, the spinal surgeons at La Peer will attempt to use conventional means of treatment before performing surgery. Our surgeons have the patient’s best interests at heart, and if a patient will benefit from an alternative treatment method, our surgeons will say so.

Q: How long is recovery from spinal surgery?

A: Recovery time from spinal surgery ultimately depends on which procedure was performed. Generally, patients can expect the recovery period to last a few weeks, sometimes even months. Other factors that can affect the rate of recovery include a patient’s age and health. Depending on a patient’s occupation, he or she can return to their job within a few weeks, provided it isn’t physically-demanding. As with all surgeries, patients who elect to undergo minimally invasive spinal surgery will recover faster than patients who choose traditional spinal surgery.

Q: Does spinal surgery require physical therapy?

A: Patients who undergo spinal surgery typically need to enter a rehabilitation program after the operation has been performed. Physical therapy is an important part of recovery and ultimately determines the overall success of a surgery. In most cases, patients will begin physical rehabilitation within 2-6 months after surgery, with the program itself lasting for months more.

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