One of the most important decisions a patient can make is where to receive his or her treatment. Choosing the right treatment facility will help you receive the results you desire. Having a surgeon who is experienced, professional, and, above-all, understanding of your needs and goals will help make the entire surgical process extremely satisfying.


Situated in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, La Peer Health Systems wants you to feel like a VIP when you choose our concierge service. All around the globe, Beverly Hills is known for its affluence and class, and is home to some of the most famous celebrities, athletes, and artists in the world. Located in the midst of this glitz and glamour is La Peer Health Systems, a multimillion dollar outpatient surgery facility. At La Peer, we focus on excellent patient care alongside the most advanced treatments and equipment available. Our staff includes 50 of the country’s top surgeons, and our services span sixteen specialties, allowing us to provide exceptional treatment in every area of surgery.

vip-surgeon-faq-beverly-hills-la-peerLa Peer Health Systems Concierge Service

Additionally, La Peer Health Systems offers a VIP concierge service for out-of-town patients. If you are traveling to see one of our world-renowned American surgeons, we want to make your stay as easy and convenient as possible. At La Peer, our VIP care includes flight arrangements, hotel accommodations, Skype consultations with our doctors, after-care arrangements, and much, much more. We know how stressful surgery can be, which is why we are committed to making the entire process not only hassle-free for our patients, but comfortable as well.

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La Peer’s concierge service is determined to make your travel plans as simple as possible. We will help patients with flight arrangements to Los Angeles, and we will provide transportation service to one of the many world-famous hotels in Beverly Hills. The city is home to some of the most famous and upscale hotels in the country, including the world-famous Beverly Hills Hotel, a classic building that reminds guests of the golden-age of Hollywood. In addition to five-star hotels, La Peer Health Systems is surrounded by designer shops, fine dining, and the famous Rodeo Drive. Patients who choose our concierge service will be able to experience everything Beverly Hills has to offer with no stress and no worry.

Concierge-Experience-Beverly-Hills-La-PeerSkype Consultations

At La Peer, we understand how flying can be not only expensive, but physically and mentally stressful. That’s why our VIP concierge service includes a Skype consultation with one of our expert surgeons. Instead of forcing patients to fly around the world in order to merely meet their surgeon, La Peer offers the option of meeting and speaking to your doctor online. During this consultation, our surgeons will determine the best treatment methods for each individual patient and listen to their expectations and desires. This consultation not only allows patients to become comfortable with our surgeons, but it allows our staff to understand patients on a personal level. At La Peer, we find that being able to engage in conversation with
your doctor places patients at ease.

VIP Service Care

At La Peer, our board-certified staff of surgeons will create a treatment program thatis best tailored to your specific needs and desires, and will follow you alongside every step of the surgical process to ensure optimal care. Unlike large hospitals, La Peer’s unique structure allows us to offer extremely personal care in a safe environment.

Our concierge service doesn’t end with surgery, either. After surgery, our VIP service provides private nurses for our patients, as well as access to post-operative recovery centers in Los Angeles. Any additional medical or travel-related business is coordinated through our concierge service. We’ll even offer advice on our favorite spots and sightseeing areas of the city!

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If you are travelling from out of town, La Peer’s concierge service is perfect for ensuring the optimal stay. Our service removes all the hassle and anxiety from travelling, hotel booking, and transportation, allowing a patient to concentrate on his or her recovery. If you would like to learn more about La Peer Health System’s concierge service, please contact the VIP Surgery Center of Excellence today at 888.636.1890. Additionally, patients can fill out an online contact form.

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