The VIP Surgery Center of Excellence is proud to provide patients with at-home consultations with our expert surgeons and specialists. For our international patients, we realize that flying into Los Angeles just to have a consultation can be time-consuming and expensive experience. With our at-home Skype consultations, patients can engage with our doctors, inquire about procedures, and schedule a surgery appointment without leaving the comfort of their own home.


At-Home Medicine

Prior to their Skype consultation, patients are required to electronically send their medical records, photos, and medical history to la Peer Health Systems. The quality of this information directly impacts the quality of service our doctors can provide. The more information they receive, the better our surgeons can diagnose and treat any condition a patient may have.

During the Skype consultation, our doctors will ask patients questions, such as what they expect from the procedure, their ideal results, and more. After speaking with a patient, our doctors will determine the best course of action going forward. If desired, a patient can also make a surgery date at this time.

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After the Consultation

Selecting a surgeon can be a very stressful and time-consuming experience. Thanks to La Peer Health System’s at-home Skype consultations, however, patients no longer have to worry about arranging international flights just to have a consultation with a doctor. Ideally, we want to make things as easy as possible for our patients, which means only having to fly out for surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I expect from my Skype consultation?

A: During a Skype consultation with one of the specialists at the VIP Surgery Center of Excellence, our surgeons will go over any questions a patient may have, as well as address a patient’s health history, family history, and other factors that could be relevant in treating a patient’s condition.

During an at-home consultation, it is important that a patient be as truthful and as forthcoming as possible. In order to best diagnose and treat a patient’s condition, our surgeons must have as much accurate knowledge as possible. The more information a patient provides, the better our doctors can treat him or her.

Q: I live out of country. What happens if I choose to undergo surgery at the VIP Surgery Center of Excellence?

A: In addition to at-home Skype consultations, our concierge service includes access to a travel agent who can manage flight plans and travel to and from our surgery center. We want to make surgery as easy and as stress-free as possible for our international patients. Ideally, the only time they should have to fly to our center is to receive their surgery.

If you would like more information about our concierge service, please contact the VIP Surgery Center of Excellence today at 888.636.1890.

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If you are an international patient interested in the VIP Surgery Center of Excellence’s Skype consultations, please contact us at 888.636.1890 today. La Peer Health Systems is a leading outpatient surgical center in Beverly Hills dedicated to providing patients will an unprecedented level of care and support, and we’re excited to bring this high-quality care to you, too!

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