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At the VIP Surgery Center of Excellence, we receive patients from all across the globe. Often, these patients decide to stay in Beverly Hills in the days and weeks following their surgery to see the sights the city has to offer. For our international patients, we aim to make this time as stress-free and safe as possible, which is why we offer special accommodations with our VIP concierge service. This service is designed specifically for our out-of-town patients, and provides them with a sense of comfort and ease-of-mind during their stay in Beverly Hills.

La Peer Health Systems is an outpatient surgical facility in Beverly Hills. As one of the most comfortable and technologically sophisticated facilities in the United States, La Peer offers patients high-quality services that are safe, secure, and most importantly, effective. With over 50 doctors in sixteen specialties, La Peer Health Systems is Southern California’s premiere outpatient facility.

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Accommodations Provided by Our Concierge Service

Our concierge service has one goal: to make a patient’s experience with La Peer simple and enjoyable. We accomplish this through a variety of methods and services. For international clients, La Peer’s concierge service includes the following accommodations:

  • Skype consultation
  • Access to area hotels and recovery centers
  • Private nurses
  • Travel agents
  • Translation services
  • Tourism and sightseeing recommendations.
  • Transportation coordinating

Travel Arrangements

Flying internationally can be a stressful experience for anyone, which is why La Peer will handle all of a patient’s flight arrangements and transportation. With our concierge service, we provide patients with a travel agent who will set up flight schedules and any medical or travel-related transportation our patients need. In addition to making travel plans and coordinating transportation, La Peer’s travel agents can help international patients in receiving a visa and passport if needed.




Hotel Accommodations

The VIP Surgery Center of Excellence is surrounded by some of the most beautiful hotels in the United States, including the world-famous Beverly Hills Hotel. Located on Sunset Boulevard, this hotel has had movie stars, directors, and even royalty as guests. For our patients who wish to experience the Golden Age of Hollywood for themselves, Beverly Hills Hotel is the place to be. Other top hotels in the Beverly Hills area include:

  • The Peninsula Beverly Hills
  • L’Ermitage Beverly Hills
  • Montage Beverly Hills
  • Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel

In addition to providing our international clients with access to local hotels, La Peer’s concierge service offers discounted rates for various Beverly Hills and Los Angeles hotels. To see the full list of discounted hotels, please call us at 888.636.1890 today.

Recovery Centers

Recovery centers are fantastic options for patients who need some time to recover from surgery. These centers allow patients to heal in a safe, relaxing, and controlled environment.

Pearl Recover Retreat is a prestigious recovery center located in Beverly Hills. Pearl coordinates with La Peer to schedule a pick-up time, recovery methods, and length of stay for each of our international patients. At Pearl, recovering patients have access to around-the-clock nursing care under the close supervision of their surgeons.

Concierge Medicine La Peer Health SystemsSightseeing and Travel Opportunities

All across the world, Los Angeles is known as a city of movie stars and fame. Often, patients who come to the VIP Surgery Center of Excellence end up making a vacation of their stay here! For these patients, La Peer is happy to provide tourism recommendations and to recommend some sightseeing opportunities. No matter a person’s interests, Los Angeles has something to appeal to everyone.

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, La Peer is surrounded by designer shops, fine dining, and the world-famous Rodeo Drive. Hollywood is also located nearby, as is the Walk of Fame and Chinese Theater. For patients who wish to experience the sights of Los Angeles, La Peer is happy to provide them with sightseeing recommendations and activities.

Some of Beverly Hills’ top restaurants include the following:

  • Matsuhisa Restaurant
  • Cut
  • Spago
  • Mastro’s Steakhouse
  • Porta Via
  • And much, much more

No matter a patient’s taste in food, Beverly Hills has something to everybody!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I live outside of the United States. What is La Peer’s insurance policy regarding international patients?

A: At La Peer, we pride ourselves on having so many international clients. If you are from out-of-country and are unsure if your insurance will cover your operation, please contact us today. The specialists at La Peer will extensively examine your insurance policy and determine the full extent of your coverage.

Q: When can I fly home after surgery?

A: Our surgeons recommend that patients wait until recovering before boarding an international flight. The recovery time varies depending on the patient and the procedure performed. Luckily, La Peer provides our international patients with access to some of the world’s best hotels and recovery centers, so that they can relax comfortably and stress-free.

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Patients who schedule a surgery at La Peer can expect an experience that is top-of-the-line, personalized, and above all, exceptional. If you would like to have a surgery performed at La Peer, please contact us at (888) 636-1890.

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